• Medi Hash (Medical Grade Hash) Quick View
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      Medi Hash (Medical Grade Hash) Quick View
    • Medi Hash (Medical Grade Hash)
    • $20.00
    • For longtime stoners, Medi Hash will have a familiar appearance. This medical-grade extract is soft and easy to break apart, with a consistency similar to chocolate truffle. It boasts a pungent, slightly sweet aroma, sporting a “hashy” smell that old-school hash heads will appreciate. It’ll come in a premade brick, and it’s simple to cut or tear off pieces to…
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  • Polar Bear Hash Quick View
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      Polar Bear Hash Quick View
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    • Polar Bear Hash
    • $15.00
    • Polar Bear Hash also known as Grizzly Bear Hash or Bear Block Hash is another great addition to our hash line up. This hash has a smooth easy smoke with strong indica effects. The hash breaks up easily, great for bongs, blunts, or mixing with a little spliff. This hash will leave you relaxed.
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  • Afghan Hash Quick View
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      Afghan Hash Quick View
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    • Afghan Hash
    • $25.00$60.00
    • Afghan Hash is a classic product derived from cannabis. If you’re looking for a strong indica that will give your body and mind a real natural buzz, give it a try! The effects are fairly strong so inexperienced users should exercise caution. Hash can be ideal for patients suffering from chronic pain, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety and migraines.
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