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Citrus Skunk.  is definitely a very unique hybrid rationing at 60:40 indica dominate strain with THC percentages that range between 16-20% A uplifting, dazzling and relaxing strain that’s great for chronic pains, cramps and arthritis.

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Citrus skunk is a indica dominate hybrid, rationing at 60:40. Another very unique and well crafted strain. Right off the batt a very fresh lemony aroma that’ll get you addicted to the sent. It is a very stimulating strain and at the same time very relaxing, you’ll get a full mental boost followed by a dazzled unfocused sensation. You’ll loose track of time and be in a very happy bliss and yet so calming and relaxed atmosphere. THC percentage isn’t amazingly high with this strain but don’t let that miss judge you. 16-20% THC plus a 1% CBD. Citrus skunk is great for dealing with chronic pains, cramps, muscle spasms and arthritis. I would like to say this is definitely a staff favourite.

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